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This is a challenge for musicians and songwriters aimed to improove your composing skills by creating lots of melodies. If you will compose a new melody every day, in about an year you'll find yourself much more comfortable with songwriting and have many different melodies to use in your songs.

The main idea is to force yourself to write something every goddamn day, despite of how tired or uninspired you are. It doesn't matter if you come up with just 2 bars or whole 64 bar epic, but the melody must be self-sufficent and complete. Choice of voicings, whether to add chord accompaniment or not, etc. is up to you.

Rule generator is here to help you to get started and make some self-restrictions. Rules tend to get harder and more interesting with every new melody. If you are not familiar with music theory or just feel uncomfortable with resctrictions, you are free to ignore all the rules or some of them.

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